Irrigation Installation

Lawnman's irrigation experts bring creative water management to every aspect of your landscape.

Lawnman is founded on the principle that landscaping is primarily a relationship business. Trust Lawnman to create, construct and care for your landscape.

Water is an essential landscape element today, and its importance will only increase as the Sacramento region changes from flat rate to water metering.

Sogginess, dryness, or misdirected water can be signs of improper irrigation - and an expensive drain on your budget. At Lawnman, saving your landscape also means saving you money.

All Valves Are Not Created Equal
All Landscapes Are Not Created Equal

Because plants' hydration needs and soil conditions vary, even within the same landscape, Lawnman's irrigation technicians are experts in techniques to maximize zonal, as well as overall water efficiency. Our employees are known for their knowledge of plant materials and the quality differences between various irrigation products.

Were Always Thinking Ahead

Our irrigation techs work at least two seasons ahead, starting in January to prepare for spring and summer, when landscapes need more moisture. We look at how much water we're putting down currently, and (if appropriate) suggest drainage systems. When we foresee problems coming on-stream, we propose upgrades and potential fixes. We keep up with product innovations and all regulations affecting water usage.



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Irrigation & Sprinkler Installation