How To Clean Up After Moving Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn might be a pretty straightforward process. However, knowing how to clean up after mowing the lawn can be more challenging.

However, since lawn cleanup is an essential part of yard maintenance, learning the tricks of the trade is vital. Fortunately, this is where we come in.

Read on to learn a few helpful yard clean-up tips.

The Most Efficient Way to Mow a Lawn

Neglecting your yard will make it look untidy and abandoned, not only harming your property’s curb appeal but its overall value as well.

You are probably familiar with the steps involved in mowing the lawn. However, did you know there is a proper technique to do it? For instance, instead of mowing your lawn circularly, using a back-and-forth motion can help ensure that you are cutting the grass evenly.

Here are a few additional tips that’ll help you learn the most efficient way to mow your lawn.

Remove Debris

Clean up your yard before mowing, removing leaves, branches, trash, and other loose items. Doing so goes a long way in helping you prevent injury and damage caused by propelled objects. We offer yard waste and debris removal, as well.

Mow in the Morning

Mornings are great for mowing because the temperatures are pleasant, and the dew on the grass has dried.

Use the Right Pattern

The right mowing pattern plays an essential role in how ideal the results will be. For instance, the correct method can help you prevent grass clippings from clogging the blades. It also helps prevent the mower wheels from creating small ruts in your lawn.

Clean Up After

Once you finish mowing, spend a few minutes cleaning up your yard to complete the tidy look you are going for.

How to Clean Up After Mowing Your Lawn

Knowing how to clean up after mowing the lawn can be daunting. This is why we’ve broken down the process into a few simple lawn cleaning steps, which are sure to leave your yard pristine.

Rake Up the Grass Clippings

After mowing, grab a rake and start pulling grass and debris out of your yard. Pull up the debris into one corner and pack it all in bags or containers.

Hose off Walkways and Patios

Grass clippings will often find their way onto your patio, walkways, and the sides of your garage or house. Take your hose and use the pressurized water to clean these hard surfaces.

Deal with the Overgrown Lines

If you notice many overgrown, messy lines around your yard, use an edger to correct this mess. Go along the sides of your garden beds and sidewalks, creating clean lines.

Best Way to Clean Up Grass Clippings

Though sweeping the lawn is simple enough, finding the best way to pick up the grass clippings can be complicated. Fortunately, there are a few options you can turn to when cleaning grass clippings, depending on the size of your lawn.

Read on to learn the best ways to clean up grass clippings.

Use a Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweepers are excellent at picking up grass clippings and other debris. They are also light and easy to use, significantly minimizing your efforts.

You can also get them as a standalone device or an attachment behind your lawnmower.

Collect While Mowing

Your lawnmower might come with a collection bag, which picks up the grass clippings as you mow. This method is especially ideal if you have a big yard and would like to save time and effort.

You could also purchase the bag as an accessory.

Raking and Bagging

Raking and bagging are the most traditional ways of cleaning up grass clippings. Many types of rakes are available, so finding one that works for your lawn is easy.

For instance, some rakes also feature a design that allows them to collect grass clippings and loose debris. Such rakes also include adjustable heads that help pick debris from hard-to-reach areas.

What Can I Do with the Grass Clippings?

Besides knowing how to clean up after mowing your lawn, learning what to do with grass clippings can enhance your landscaping.

Are you looking for creative ways to use your clippings? Here are a few suggestions you can try implementing.

Leave Clippings on the Lawn

Leaving your grass clippings on your lawn can be a way to get free fertilizer. Doing so is an excellent way to moderate soil temperature and provide a habitat for nutrient-cycling insects like microbes and earthworms.

Compost the Clippings

Instead of throwing your grass clippings in the trash, consider composting them. These clippings are an excellent nitrogen source and mix well with newspapers or shredded fall leaves.

Use Clippings as Mulch

You could also use the clippings as mulch for your garden beds. Your garden plants could benefit from the moisture conservation and insulation properties of the layer.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Services in Sacramento

Yard clean-up before and after mowing your lawn can be daunting for every homeowner. Fortunately, Lawnman Landscaping Company can provide you with professional lawn care services.

Instead of spending all your time doing yard work and learning how to clean up after mowing your lawn, simply turn to the trained professionals we have here. Our team can handle every aspect of your lawn maintenance, from mowing and weed removal to sweeping lawns.

Contact Lawnman Landscaping Company at (916) 758-9534 to learn more about our Sacramento, CA, lawn care services.



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