How To Lay Landscape Rock

Learning how to lay landscape rock is an engaging process that many property owners are keen to undertake. All the job needs are an edge, landscape fabric, rake, and plenty of rocks.

With these tools in hand, following the steps below will help you learn how to place landscape rocks on your property.

Benefits of Installing Landscape Rock Around the House

While you have several options to consider for your yard’s ground cover, there are several reasons why more and more people are opting for rock landscaping. Here are some advantages of installing landscape rock around the house.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike a lawn that needs mowing and constant care, maintaining a rock landscape is extremely easy.


Organic mulch starts to break down as soon as it comes in contact with external elements like sun and wind, forcing you to replace it after a while. However, rock mulch will last significantly longer, especially considering how well it stands up to rough treatment.

Doesn’t Attract Pests

While organic mulches are often ideal environments for pests, rock is less hospitable to unwelcomed, destructive critters. If that wasn’t enough, rock mulches also do not harbor diseases.


A rock landscape promises to save money on maintenance while eliminating various expenses like water and fertilizer.

Various Stylistic Options

There are numerous rock landscaping products and options, from smooth five-inch river rocks to giant boulders and everything in between. They also come in various colors, including dark ebony and soft pink.

Easy Adaptability

Adding new plants to the area covered in rocks is relatively easy. All you will need to do is rake the stones away from your planting site, cut an X in the fabric, and then plant your new plant’s root ball. After doing this, simply rake the rocks back in place.

It is essential to disturb the fabric as little as possible to prevent the weeds from rooting into the openings you cut.

1. Measure the Site

Begin by measuring the area where you intend on laying your landscaping rocks, using an edger to create a barrier around the outline’s perimeter.

2. Prepare the Site

Once you mark out the area, pull up plant and weed roots. Failing to do so will leave the weed and plants to grow under the rocks, ruining your rock mulch’s appearance.

The process will also enable you to dig out the soil in the area. It is essential to wear work gloves when weeding the area to prevent injuring your hands.

How Deep Should Landscape Rock Be

How deep should landscape rock be? We recommend digging at least three inches down, allowing the stones to be level with the surrounding paved areas and landscape.

3. Tamp Down the Soil

The next step involves tamping down the soil where your rock mulch will rest to impede future settling. Doing so will also prevent you from having to add more rocks later.

4. Install a Landscape Fabric

It is essential to install landscape fabrics to prevent the rocks from sinking into the soil and weed from growing through the rock mulch.

Dig a six-inch deep trench around the area’s perimeter, pushing the fabric edges into the ditch to anchor it and prevent it from pulling up. Remember to install a rubber strip to stop the rocks from working their way out of the mulch.

5. Plant Wisely

When learning how to lay landscape rock, one aspect to understand is the plants you add around the area.

For instance, if you want to plant a few perennials in the area, you should cut an X in your landscape fabric and fold the flaps back. You should also remember that weeds could grow around your plant’s base and will need prompt removal before they work their way through your landscape fabric.

6. Pour the Rocks

When laying the rocks, use a rake to even them out and spread them in a uniform, three-inch-thick layer. Use smaller rocks for areas like pathways and rock patios and larger, more decorative ones for areas with plants.

Kneel down to look for valleys and peaks in the mulch, correcting any issues you find. You might need to rake the area annually to keep it groomed, covering up any bald patches shifting rocks form.

7. Rinse the Area

Once you even out the area, remember to rinse it with clean water to remove dirt and dust, bringing out the natural beauty of your new landscaping rock feature.

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Considerations to Keep in Mind

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when learning how to place landscape rocks. For instance, when you want to use rocks as mulch, pay attention to whether the rocks are limestone and if the plants around the area are acid-lovers.

This is because limestone raises your soil’s pH and can harm plants that prefer acidic soil conditions.

Professional Landscape Rock Installation

Tapping into the expertise of experienced, highly trained professionals is key to enjoying all the benefits of using rocks as landscape fabric. While there are a few fun DIY projects you can do around your property, landscape rock installation is often better left to the experts.

At Lawnman, we have a qualified team of professionals ready to provide you with the services, skills, experience, and results you need to revitalize your property’s landscape.

Get in touch with us today and request your price estimate. We will then dispatch a team that will install the landscape according to your desired specifications. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the 100% satisfaction our 30+ years of experience guarantee.

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