Landscape Lighting Cost in Sacramento, CA 

Your outdoor space should be just as inviting and appealing as the inside of your home. One of the best ways to enhance your property’s landscape is to install outdoor lighting. In addition, outdoor lighting can be an affordable way to improve the overall look of your lawn.

When it comes to landscape lighting cost, many factors influence the price. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of outdoor lighting and the different options. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Lighting 

If you are looking to update your outdoor space with some lighting, you are probably wondering, “How much does landscape lighting cost?” To answer how much landscape lighting costs, you must consider several factors. 

The cost of outdoor lighting can change depending on the style you are looking for, the materials it consists of, the placement, and how many lights are needed. 

Style and Color of Lighting 

The style and color of lighting have a significant impact on the ambiance of your yard. To determine the proper structure and brightness of light, you must first select the aesthetic and mood you want. For example, there are warm, soft lights for a more relaxing feel or bright and strong lights for motion detectors or spotlights. 

There are many options to pick from, such as lanterns or curved hooks, and there are also contemporary lighting choices. Or, if you want more of a minimalist feel, you can opt for rectangle or sphere structures. Of course, you also have to factor in color and how it will match your home. 

Another thing to consider is how your lighting design will look during the day. You will want to choose something that looks good at night and matches your home in the daylight. There are numerous designs to match your style, such as gold and bronze or even pewter accents for more contrast or natural tones for a subtle look. 

Size of Lighting Structure

Once you decide on the style and atmosphere you want to create, you can then start shopping around. Your outdoor lighting cost will change depending on the size and type of light you choose. So it is crucial to research and find one that fits your budget. 

If you’ve been wondering, “how much is landscape lighting?” it’s important to keep in mind the size of the fixtures. Larger fixtures generally cost more, but they will illuminate a larger area of land than smaller fixtures. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting 

The pricing for outdoor landscape lighting ranges depending on the type of lighting you are looking for. A security light, for instance, will shine a bright, sharp light on a large area, while landscape lighting is dim, low voltage, and best suited for pathways and gardens. 

Other ways to use outdoor lighting include post lights that you can install on poles or posts to line a driveway or walkway. Wall lights are ideal for garages, gardens, and patios, and hanging and ceiling lights are great for illuminating porches. 

Your landscape lighting cost will also depend on how many fixtures you want and the location of each. The experts at Lawman Landscaping Company will develop a landscape lighting design that meets your needs and stays within your budget. 

Location of Outdoor Lighting 

The cost to install landscape lighting will vary depending on where you want the lights installed. For example, costs increase when installing lights on outdoor structures like pergolas and patios, and the size of your property also plays an important factor in pricing. You also have the choice between solar or electrical lighting. 

There are three different outdoor environments that you have to consider when choosing the right lighting. These include: 

  • Dry 
  • Damp
  • Wet 

Covered areas such as patios or porches are ideal for dry lighting. Areas that have some covering help protect the light from rain or dampness. Damp lighting is an excellent choice for outside windows or sheds. 

Damp lights can withstand moisture but should not come into direct contact with rain or snow. For durable lighting, your best option is wet lighting that can withstand rain and high winds. You can use wet lighting in open areas such as exposed verandas, patios, pathways, and pergolas. 

Materials for Outdoor Lighting 

When thinking about the cost of landscape lighting, you also have to consider the quality of materials you want, which can drastically affect your landscape lighting cost. The most popular materials for outdoor lighting are aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, brass, and copper. 


One popular material that is cost-effective and durable is aluminum. Aluminum is also rust and dust-resistant, but it does fade fairly quickly. If you are looking to spend more money, there is powder-coated aluminum which helps protect the material. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is an excellent option if you are looking for a modern style. However, its components make it more susceptible to corrosion and dust. It also may not be the greatest option for busy people due to the maintenance and upkeep needed. 

Copper, Brass, Zinc 

Copper, brass, and zinc are generally the best option for outdoor lighting materials. They have a sleek, natural look and are also weather resistant. However, while brass is stronger than copper, copper tends to be more affordable. 

Benefits of Landscape Lighting 

Strategic lighting can drastically transform your outdoor area into a welcoming and relaxing space. Landscape lighting can turn your existing space into a new area for entertaining and enjoyment without the hefty cost or stressful planning of an addition. 

Installing lights around your lawn makes your property look unified and increases curb appeal. If you plan on selling your home, potential buyers are more likely to be drawn to your home if you have an inviting outdoor environment. 

Adding additional lighting to your yard can also increase your safety and security. For example, automatic lights help illuminate your pathway in the dark, making it easier to navigate to the entrance of your home. Bright security lights deter intruders and create clear visibility throughout your yard, providing you with peace of mind.

Labor Cost to Install Landscape Lighting 

Landscape lighting installation cost plays a part in the total costs of your landscape lighting project. We recommend hiring a professional to install your lighting for various reasons. 

An expert landscape lighting technician has the experience and skill to install outdoor lighting safely. They know which types of lights and which locations will work efficiently for your specific property. Whether you want small solar lights surrounding your yard or bright security lights to automatically illuminate the areas closest to your doors, our experts can help.

Not only do they know how to safely install the lights, but they can suggest styles and solutions that stay within your budget. Professional light installers can help you choose the correct lighting for your patio, deck, garden, or pathways. They know which wattage is best for each space and can even inform you of the benefits of solar and LED lighting. 

Professional Landscape Lighting in Sacramento 

Lawnman Landscaping Company provides professional and reliable outdoor lighting installation throughout Sacramento, CA. We have the expertise to create the lawn of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a complete outdoor makeover or looking to add a few lights to your walkways, no job is too big or too small. 

The professionals at Lawnman Landscaping Company take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. We work with any size budget and go above and beyond for every client. We stay up to date on the latest technology to ensure quality results every time.

To learn more about landscape lighting costs, contact the experts at Lawman Landscaping Company today. 

Lawnman Landscaping Company is your top-rated landscaping company in Sacramento, CA. Contact us today at (916) 794-8066 to learn more about our services and to schedule your appointment. 



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