Types of Sod to Install

Sod is an excellent option for people who want a beautiful, lush lawn without waiting years for grass seed to develop and grow. However, there are various types of sod to install for your yard, and many aren’t sure which one to choose.

In this post, we will share some of the best types of sod available for anyone who wants to turn an ordinary lawn into an attractive green garden.

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4 Different Types of Sod

What type of grass is sod? Sod is a mature turfgrass. Based on the type of sod you choose, it comes in rolls with the soil and roots intact. The primary purpose of sod is to boost the appearance of residential and commercial gardens, lawns, golf courses, or recreational areas. There are four different types of sod: Bermuda Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescue, and Centipede Grass.

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#1. Bermuda Grass

If you are looking for dark green grass, Bermuda is the perfect option. It requires plenty of sunshine, is bug-resistant, and can flourish in areas with high traffic without any issues. When the weather is dry, the grass may change its color slightly, but it quickly recovers once it receives sunshine and water.

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass, and due to its impressive growth, it is obtainable throughout the year. Although it spreads after heavy rainfall, some homeowners say it also shows tolerance in mild to cold climates.

  • It is the best sod grass to plant in spring.
  • Bermuda grass requires mowing twice a week during its growth time.
  • Make sure to maintain soil alkalinity for the best results.
  • Bermuda grass requires 1-1.5 inches of water.

#2. Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is a dark bluish turf with a leafy texture. You can grow it alone or combine it with other grasses for a more dense sod. If you want to mix it, we recommend tall fescue as one of the most compatible partners.

Kentucky has excellent tolerance toward cold weather and moderate tolerance toward high temperatures and drought. The grass thrives in sunny to partially shady areas. So, it might not be the best sod for shady areas. If your lawn doesn’t receive plenty of sun throughout the year, you can choose tall fescue.

Fescue turf has high disease resistance and deep roots and is the best sod for shady areas. Here are some maintenance and care tips to know about Kentucky bluegrass:

  • After long periods of drought, irrigation is necessary for proper growth.
  • Use herbicides to control diseases, weeds, and pests.

#3. Fine Fescue

Fine fescue is one of the best types of sod for cool climates, but it is a different type of sod grass. It’s a cool-season turfgrass, which you may combine with other types of grass sod for better results.

We recommend homeowners plant these kinds of sod in early fall or early spring. It is essential to drain the soil and have low to medium fertility. Ideally, the pH of the soil should vary between 5.0 and 6.5.

  • The best mowing height is between 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
  • After long periods of drought, irrigation is necessary.
  • Use herbicides if required to control diseases, weeds, and pests.

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#4. Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is one of the most common types to install on your lawn if you want to achieve a natural green look. Centipede is one of the easiest types of turf to cut, is heat-tolerated, and can withstand cool weather as well.

It is a type of grass that thrives on sandy soils with minimal nutrients, is sensitive to alkaline soil, and tolerates moderate shade. During low rainfalls, we recommend deep watering.

  • The best mowing height is between 1 to 1.5 inches.
  • Make sure never to cut more than ⅓ of the leaf’s length.
  • If you notice pests, call a professional lawn care expert.
  • Don’t leave stagnant water, as it may cause foliage to deteriorate.
  • Remove debris and dirt regularly.

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