When Is the Best Time To Take Down Christmas Lights in Sacramento?

Christmas trees and lights go up earlier these days. Most people are now fine with seeing the lights come on a few days after Thanksgiving. However, many homeowners and neighbors still don’t know when to take down Christmas lights.

It’s among the most hotly contested debates in the holiday and home décor niche. According to Opendoor, 84% of the population agree that Christmas lights should come down at some point in January, but when?

It’s still up for debate! We’ll look at some of the widely accepted dates in this blog post. Leaving your Christmas lights up well past these dates may attract sneery looks from neighbors and passersby alike.

The Best Time To Remove Holiday Lights

You should consider taking down outdoor Christmas decorations on or by any of the following dates.

New Year’s Day

Most people like to take down their Christmas lights during this period because it is the logical end of the festive season. Taking down the lights on this day allows you to wrap up the clutter from the holiday season with the start of the new year.

You won’t go through the stress of taking down the lights in late January or mid-February when you should be focused on setting the foundation for a fantastic year ahead and tackling those new year resolutions.

Also, nobody will bat an eyelid if they find you on a ladder on New Year’s Day taking down Christmas decorations. You can’t say the same for taking down the decorations in February or March, though.

January 6th

This date should be high on your list if you’re thinking about when to store Christmas lights.

Many people regard January 6th as the final day to remove all holiday décor for two main reasons. First, January 6th is known as the Little Christmas, Epiphany, or Three Kings Day. In Christian tradition, it’s the day the Three Kings or Wise Men brought gifts to the infant Jesus. Therefore, it’s the perfect date to mark in your diary if you still don’t know when to take down Christmas lights.

The second reason is that January 6th is the last day of Christmas, going by the timeless song we all grew up singing. 

A note of caution, though: if you believe in the Christian tradition of January 6th being the day to remove your Christmas Lights, you have to stick to it. Some adherents believe it’s bad luck to leave your Christmas lights past the Three Kings or Feast of Epiphany Day!

Any Time Before January 31st 

According to a 2020 report by Neighbor, more than 50% of Americans don’t mind seeing Christmas decorations beyond January 1st. However, you’ll most likely start to get those message-laden glares the longer you leave the decoration.

According to the report, 31% of the population don’t want to see the lights on beyond January 15th, while another 33% are happy to ignore the lights until February 1st.

Going by this report, the proper timing for Christmas lights removal will be any time before February. Still, it’s not uncommon for some homeowners to wait until mid-February or later.

When Your Christmas Tree Calls Time

Did you install an authentic Christmas tree this holiday season? Well done! However, you may have to take down the tree and the lights earlier than you’ve planned. Despite your best efforts, most Christmas trees can only last five to six weeks.

So, the Christmas lights removal schedule comes down to when you installed the trees and lighting. If you installed yours immediately after Thanksgiving, you’ll definitely need to take everything down by The Three Kings Day at the latest.

Following Local Laws

Your Homeowners Association may have guidelines on when to take down Christmas lights. You have to adhere to these guidelines to avoid fines. Where these rules don’t apply, you still have to adhere to the National Electric Code from the National Fire Protection Association.

They recommend taking down Christmas lights within 90 days as they can become fire hazards. Holiday decorations are responsible for 790 house fires per year. Therefore, leaving your Christmas Lights and other decorations for too long increases your probability of becoming a part of the statistic.

When You Can Get To It

Let’s face it: there’s no right or wrong time to remove Christmas lights as long as you’re not breaking any laws (like we’ve mentioned above). 

However, you have to consider if that approach makes you a bad neighbor. If the lights from the Christmas tree are shining onto your neighbor’s window, for example, you may get more than side-eyes if you leave the decoration standing for too long.

Tips for Disassembling Christmas Light Displays and Christmas Trees

Here’s how you can disassemble an artificial Christmas tree and Christmas lights.

Unplug and Pack Up the Lights

Don’t start removing the Christmas lights while they are still on to avoid triggering a house fire. Unplug them first, and then slowly uncurl the lights (and accompanying ornaments) off your Christmas trees. Next, organize everything in a storage box and move on to taking down the trees.

Clean the Tree

You can wipe down the branches with a microfiber cloth or use your vacuum cleaner. You may also spray down the trees with your garden hose (if it’s strong enough to support such intense cleaning). Whatever the method, your target should be to avoid packing up dirty trees.

Store the Tree

If you have the storage space, buy a Christmas tree bag and cover up your tree. Don’t waste your time trying to fit the tree back into the box it came in. It won’t fit. Also, you’ll probably have to skip this step if you bought giant Christmas trees that can’t fit in your closet, basement, or garage.

For a Natural Tree

You can’t store a natural Christmas tree. Therefore, once you’ve removed the Christmas lights and the accompanying decorations, you should think about the most eco-friendly way to dispose of the tree. Your options include:

  • Chopping it up into your lawn cuttings bin for natural recycling
  • Chopping up the wood for use in your fireplace
  • Calling a local Christmas tree pickup service to come and take it away for recycling
  • Converting the tree into a landscaping feature such as a pond fish habitat or a birdfeeder holder

Save Time and Energy by Handing Your Christmas Tree Removal to the Pros

In our experience, most people leave their Christmas trees and lights for too long because they can’t find the time to remove them. It’s not always about them not knowing when to take down Christmas lights. They just haven’t had the time to do it.

At Lawnman, we offer a timely Christmas light removal service to save homeowners like you from the hassle of dealing with the Christmas décor. We’ll come to your property any time after the holiday season to remove the lights and help you pack them up for use next Christmas.

We can come to remove your Christmas lights as early as New Year’s Day or as late as Valentine’s Day!

Call the Lawnman team in Sacramento, CA, today to schedule an appointment.



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