Who To Call For Drainage Problems in Yard

Having drainage problems can be extremely stressful, but not knowing who to call for drainage problems in your yard can make everything worse. Depending on the issue, trying to fix the problem yourself can potentially worsen your problems, too. As a result, it’s safer to rely on yard drainage contractors to help you resolve drainage issues in your yard. The question is who to call for drainage problems in yard at the time of the incident.

If you’re experiencing a lawn drainage problem, this guide will help you understand who to call for a fast, effective solution – and how to find the right contractor for your specific situation.

Who to Call for Yard Drainage Problems

If your yard has drainage issues, consider calling a landscape drainage professional. Landscape drainage professionals have the in-depth knowledge you need to fix virtually any type of yard issue. If you encounter a problem with your yard, you should look for a landscaper specializing in landscape drainage solutions, yard floods, and more.

Unlike most general lawn maintenance specialists, a landscape drainage professional can identify the cause of your drainage issues and provide a solution tailored to your needs. Contacting a professional will also save you time and effort, especially when you’re unsure what has caused the drainage or flooding problems.

DIY Fixes to Try Before Calling a Professional

In many cases, homeowners don’t have the expertise or time needed to try DIY fixes. However, if

if you feel comfortable using tools and getting your hands dirty, you can always attempt a DIY fix to see if they make the problem any better.

Begin by looking for the source of the water. Often, you’ll find that downspout runoff, or rainwater from your roof, pools in your yard. Alternatively, you may live at the bottom of a hill and have a substantial amount of runoff from your neighbors.

After finding the water source, consider ways to redirect the flow. Extending your downspouts, regarding your property, or installing drains can help move the water from your yard. However, DIY fixes don’t always work. If you’ve already tried to redirect water or want to install a drain system, we recommend looking for reliable water drainage contractors in your area.

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When To Call a Residential Damage Contractor

Contacting a local residential water damage contractor is one of the best ways to resolve your yard drainage issues. Rather than ignoring the problem or trying to fix it yourself, contact a yard drainage specialist if:

  • The issue is too complicated for you to resolve on your own
  • The problem requires too much time or too many resources
  • The issue requires permits that you may not be able to secure without a professional residential damage contractor’s help

For example, you could extend your downspout without the help of a pro. However, many long-term fixes are too complicated and time-intensive for the average homeowner, such as:

  • Changing the slope of your yard by digging or adding soil
  • Connecting pipes to the municipal storm drainage system
  • Adding a French Drain system

These fixes will require a professional to come and inspect your yard. While some solutions require permits, others are simply too complex for one person to complete unless they have the necessary skills and experience.

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Common Drainage Problems

Understanding the most common drainage problems makes it easy to know when and who to call for help. On the other hand, ignoring drainage problems can lead to even more damage to your home and yard, making it critical to keep an eye out for these issues.

As mentioned above, you can resolve some simple drainage problems with DIY fixes. For example, cleaning out your gutters can fix minor drainage issues by allowing rainwater to flow away from your home and yard instead of spilling over the sides of your gutters. However, some long-term fixes require the help of a professional.

Read on for some of the most common drainage problems. Then, consider calling a local yard drainage contractor to assess your property, determine the cause of the problem, and provide the best solution for your needs. 

1. Improper grading

Grading refers to the level or slope of your yard. When graded incorrectly, the slope can directly affect water flow. Fortunately, you can regrade your yard and potentially solve your drainage issues. However, this solution is more advanced and will require help from a professional with access to machinery.

2. Water Pooling on Pavement

It’s quite common to have water on walkways and driveways. However, water pooling can lead to flooding, which can pose a safety hazard to you and your family.

3. Location

Sometimes, the location of your home can create complicated drainage issues without an easy solution. For example, if you live at the bottom of a hill, you may have water runoff from the houses around you. This type of issue may require you to call a professional for a more advanced solution.

4. Sump Pump Runoff

When working correctly, sump pumps direct water away from your home. Unfortunately, they can easily cause runoff if the water flows back down to the base of your house. While extended sump pump hoses may resolve this issue, consider contacting your local drainage landscaper for further assistance.

5. Downspout Runoff

If your downspouts or gutters have developed blocks, water may accumulate by your home’s foundation when it rains. However, if your gutters are not clogged, you may need to find another solution to effectively prevent runoff.

6. Muddy Spots

Muddy spots can accumulate in your outdoor space when lower areas collect water. You may require one of several solutions to resolve the issue, so call a professional to assess the situation and determine the best option to improve drainage in your yard.

Finding Drainage Landscapers Near Me

Knowing who to call when your yard floods can be tough, especially since you may encounter a wide range of issues with your property. In order to find a reliable professional, you should first understand the scope of their experience. If you have a very common issue with your yard, you’ll have an easier time finding a contractor with the knowledge and experience needed to provide a solution.

However, many homeowners experience some uncommon issues, which may require hiring a contractor with specialized knowledge in drainage problems.

Further, while their experience should play a role in who you hire, you should also consider reviews and costs. Both online and word-of-mouth reviews can help you determine if you can rely on a company or not.

Finally, while you may want to look for the cheapest possible service, “cheap” doesn’t always mean “good.” In the landscaping industry, reasonably higher costs may indicate a higher quality of work. As such, spending a bit more will ensure that you get reliable and effective service the first time.

Yard Drainage Specialist Near Me

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