Customizing Your Drought-Tolerant Landscaping in Sacramento, CA

How to customize your drought tolerant landscape in Sacramento Ca

Drought-tolerant landscaping in Sacramento is a gamechanger. By working with the dry California climate instead of fighting against it, you keep your yard attractive year-round and reduce overall maintenance and costs. This post will teach you more about options in Sacramento for drought-tolerant landscaping.

The Benefits of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the term experts use when referring to drought-resistant landscaping in Sacramento. Whatever term you use, incorporating drought landscaping ideas offers significant benefits that include: 

  • Reducing damage to your yard during low-rain and high-heat weather
  • Improving your property value
  • Allowing you to cut water usage dramatically
  • Reducing lawn and yard maintenance

Creating a Drought-Tolerant Landscape in Sacramento

Water-tolerant landscape ideas need not be boring. Choosing native plants in an assortment of colors, textures, and heights gives you plenty of scope for your drought-resistant front yard plans.

Begin with your featured native plants and shrubs and any elements you wish to incorporate. Build your flower beds around these, use decorative grasses to plug any gaps, then lay the ground cover and decorative stone paths or other components. 

Customized Drought Tolerant Landscape in Sacramento

Use Native Plants as Showstoppers and Fillers

Choosing plants indigenous to the area gives you a headstart. These tough species are the cornerstone of a drought-tolerant landscape in Sacramento. 

Flower Beds

Flower beds might seem high-maintenance and conjure visions of weeding. However, they’re a lot easier to maintain than you might think. Choosing indigenous flowers means they practically care for themselves and are much easier to maintain than a lawn. 

Using mulch, decorative grasses, groundcover, or stone in the gaps between the flowers crowds out weeds and adds a nice touch to your drought-tolerant front yard. 

Decorative Grasses

Drought tolerant landscaping in Sacramento benefits from decorative grasses in a few ways: 

  • The plants act as fillers 
  • Quick-growing and lush, the grasses shade the roots of more vulnerable flowers
  • The plants compete with weeds for resources and can choke them out
  • They are an excellent alternative to standard lawn grasses that require far more maintenance, water, and nutrients


Groundcover is a Sacramento drought tolerant landscaping staple. These hardy plants look attractive and soon spread to fill any gaps in your yard. The roots hold the soil together, preventing erosion during the dry months. 

Decorative Stone

Drought tolerant landscaping in Sacramento often incorporates the use of inanimate objects to: 

  • Fill gaps
  • Add interest
  • Reduce weeding and maintenance

For example, gravel pathways can act as both a design feature leading the eye into a flower bed and reducing the need for living plants. The gravel prevents weed growth and allows water to trickle down to ground level gently to protect against erosion. 

Design for Drought Tolerant Landscaping in Sacramento

The plants and other features are merely one part of the whole. Designing drought-tolerant landscaping in Sacramento is surprisingly complex, which is why many people opt to hire a professional. Here are some pro tips to get you started. 

Play With Hardscaping

Hardscape elements such as stone circles, pavers, sculptures, and walls add visual interest and reduce the amount of water you need for your garden. Hardy groundcovers and mulch around these elements conserve moisture and keep the weeds at bay. 

Consider Water-Smart Gardening

Using terraced gardens and other methods to channel water runoff to where you need it is a savvy way to garden. You can further improve this process with the judicious use of shade, shade-loving plants, and mulch to prevent moisture loss from evaporation. 

The added benefit is that these plants and mulch protect the underlying soil from both wind and water erosion. 

Single Out One Corner

A gorgeous pop of color from a corner flower bed works well in any garden. You can raise the borders to make it a useful feature piece. Plus, the flower bed receives the protection of two walls against the intense California sun, providing respite from the heat. 

You can then build on the look and create a rock and gravel feature that leads the eye to other sections of the yard. This pathway acts as a way to channel water runoff from the raised area to the rest of the yard. Consider duplicating this trick in other sections if your yard is big enough. 

Ensure You Have Healthy, Loamy Soil

Soil rich in compost provides your plants with the nutrients they need to survive the worst weather. Better yet, loamy soil will not bake to a hard finish in the heat, allowing roots to spread as necessary. 

Mix It Up

Another design idea includes alternating hardscaping features with plants to fill your yard. Use the hardscaping elements to separate sections and create areas of interest. Supplement the space with graveled areas to allow water to soak through to the ground, and always surround plants with groundcover that can trap moisture. 

When it comes to plants, only use the divas of the plant world sparingly to create dramatic accents with real punch. 

Take Advantage of All Water Sources

Careful planning allows you to take advantage of all potential water sources. For example, the runoff from hardscaping can directly benefit beds on either side of it. Another option is to put hanging pots directly above flower beds to allow the water to drip through to the plants below.  

Smart Planting

Are there plants that you love but that require more water than most? Planting them in containers makes it easier to keep them happy and adds more interest. 

When planting your beds, you should also consider adding natural shade elements. The clever placement of an oversized boulder not only looks good but takes up space and provides shade. Innovative planting strategies ensure year-round color without too much pressure on resources. 

Your Top Tip in Drought-Tolerant Yard Designs in Sacramento, CA

As a local, you understand the challenges of maintaining a beautiful yard in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. Even the most experienced gardening enthusiasts sometimes struggle to maintain that gorgeous color year-round. 

It’s not surprising as water restrictions, droughts, and several other factors come into play. Balancing these with your garden’s needs is tricky and requires significant expertise. It is something that property owners can learn through trial and error if they are willing to use up time and money on experimenting. 

However, there is no need for such waste when the Lawnman team is a mere click or call away. Let our team help you to bring out the full potential of your yard as effortlessly and cost-effectively as possible. 

Contact Lawnman, your drought tolerant landscape designers in Sacramento, CA, at (916) 739-1420 today to plan a garden that will make your neighbors green with envy. We’ll provide a free estimate for creating your drought-tolerant landscaping in Sacramento as quickly as possible. 



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