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Landscape Irrigation & Drainage In Sacramento CA

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and your water bills as low as possible, it’s crucial to think carefully about irrigation and drainage when planning your landscape design. 

This is especially important in Sacramento county, where the hot, dry summer climate means water prices are sky high and severe droughts are all too common.

Lawnman specializes in these areas and can help you to upgrade your current irrigation and drainage systems.

As a leading landscape company in Sacramento, we specialize in irrigation services that include  installation and repairs. We use the latest in water with conservation techniques to implement systems that keep your plants healthy while minimizing the need for water use.

We can also help you to deal with drainage challenges and implement innovative solutions that redirect excess water away from your home and yard to prevent flooding and keep your soil healthy.

What Is Landscape Irrigation?

In landscaping, irrigation refers to the system you use to supply water to your plants.

The goal of a landscape irrigation system is to distribute the right amount of water to the right places and make sure it spreads evenly and regularly throughout your lawn. Implementing a good irrigation system will mean you never use too little water or too much water.

There are main types of irrigation systems used in yards across the US: drip irrigation, pop-up spray heads, rotor-driven heads, and underground irrigation.

It’s great for all types of gardens and can be used to apply water directly where it’s needed, close to the roots of plants, to maximize absorption and minimize evaporation. This efficient water usage can substantially reduce your water bill.

Our team are experts in these types of systems and can repair and install all the timers, valves, sprinklers, and backflow devices you need and set them up correctly for our Northern California climate.

Other types of irrigation systems to consider are drip systems (an environmentally-friendly alternative to sprinkler systems that uses less water) and overhead systems (ideal for flower and vegetable gardens but not practical for most lawns).

Of course, the best landscape irrigation design for you will depend on various factors, such as the types of plant life present. Water-friendly landscaping designs that use artificial grass require no irrigation, and native desert plants and succulents are suitable for low-irrigation landscaping.

What Is Landscape Drainage?

Drainage is the other side of the coin. If irrigation is all about getting water to your soil, drainage is about getting it out. It’s an equally important part of landscape design as, even in dry climates, your soil needs to have adequate drainage to keep your lawn healthy.

If you have poor drainage, excess rainwater won’t be able to flow out, which can cause flooding once the landscape reaches its water absorption limit. And that’s not all.

Water that can’t exit the soil can also become stagnant. Over time, this can damage the roots of your plants and ruin your vegetation. Not only that, but these kinds of drainage issues can also cause the soil to crack and become hard after it dries up, preventing it from absorbing water well in the future.

There are many ways to improve your landscape drainage. One of the easiest solutions is to make sure there’s plenty of organic matter in your soil. Another option is to build berms and plant your vegetation on top of them.

Some areas of your yard may need more sophisticated drainage support. For example, low-lying areas where gravity tends to cause water to build up. In these problem areas, it might be necessary to install a drain under the area to give the excess water a space to exit.

There are various different types of drains that can be used, like french drains, channel drains, or even a catch basin. You can even explore options like yard grading, in which the whole landscape terrain is modified to create a slope that ensures water flows efficiently around the entire yard.

Here at lawnman, we specialize in finding innovative drainage solutions. We can help you to explore your options and find a system that works for your yard.

The Importance Of Landscape Irrigation And Drainage

Irrigation and drainage are extremely important in landscape planning but are sadly often overlooked. There are many advantages to implementing an effective irrigation and drainage system, but here are three of the main benefits.

More Efficient Water Usage

An effective irrigation system ensures you get the most out of the water you use. It minimizes evaporation so that you can keep your plants healthy with less.

Healthier Soil

Adequate drainage ensures water reaches your plant roots easily without causing damage to your lawn. It prevents flooding and keeps soil healthy—and healthier soil means healthier plants.

Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito’s love flooded lawns. They breed in areas with significant excess water, which can be caused by overwatering with inadequate drainage. An efficient irrigation and drainage system will ensure you don’t overwater your plants and that any excess water flows out of your soil.

How We Can Help

Lawnman’s capable technicians service the Sacramento area and can install, repair, and improve your landscape irrigation and drainage system. If you think you’re ready for an upgrade, we can also upgrade your current system to a more water-wise solution with our irrigation services.

To find out more, get in touch through our contact page for a free estimate or call us today.

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